Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Vision of God Creating Adam

I decided to alter what is considered the most famous detail of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling which was painted by the revered Michelangelo. I am making fun of how serious people take art and paintings sometimes, especially when they concern religion and also how much this painting influences people. But at the same time I am bringing up concerns that some have about the painting. God, the divine is giving life to Adam who is looking very majestic and laid back as if to say "well of course God would touch me" and then in the middle the idea of man being unworthy of such affection from God as is being shown.

I choose to alter this painting because I always think of The Flying Spagetti Monster when I think of God Creating Adam from the Sistine Chapel's ceiling.

Some people are very offended by this alteration to God Creating Adam. I personally find it extremely amusing. The quote underneath really adds to it as well. It really asks for an explanation to the greatness of the Sistine Chapel's Ceiling and Michelangelo as well as the importance of art to us. If he would have painted the Flying Spegetti Monster instead would it have been just as revered?

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